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You can order online and have the store mail your books. To make a donation without leaving home, take a look at the Camel Bookmobile Amazon Wish List. Amazon will ship the books and charge you for shipping (choose the standard international rate). Or you can order from a Powell’s wishlist, (just add the Kenyan address for shipping) or from your favorite independent bookstore. If you want to send books in Swahili, you can order from Language Lizard or Peppercorn Books and Press. Books written in Somali can be ordered from Afgarad Online or

Or you can buy your own books, box them up and mail them at your local post office. Gently used books can be included. The camel library carries both hardcover and paperback books, but the majority are paperback due to weight considerations for the camel.

Books for the camel library can be mailed to:

Nomadic Schools
P.O. Box 1204 -70100

Garissa, Kenya

Attention all U.S. donors: postal rates increased on May 14. The U.S. Postal Service eliminated the M-bag possibility, both surface and mail, for books to Kenya.

The most economical way to send your books is by FLAT RATE BOX. You can pick up these boxes free of charge at the post office or make sure you mail your books in a square box. Twenty pounds or less of books mailed to Kenya will cost $37 at the post office, or $35.15 if you purchase your postage online. But if the box weighs above 20 pounds, the cost spikes up because priority mailing kicks in. For example, mailing 25 pounds of books to Kenya costs $126.75. SO better to keep each individual box of books at 20 pounds or less.

To order postage online, go to, click on the rates calculator, select international mail, select Kenya, enter the weight of the box, select “Flat Rate Box” as your option and then click “print postage.”

What kinds of books to donate

How to donate money

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