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You can also donate any amount of money (nothing is too little) directly to Camel Librarian Mr. Farah to help pay for three she-camels to be stationed at the new outpost library, wooden book boxes, or local purchase of books.

To donate via Western Union, call:  1-800-325-6000. Wire the money to

Rashid M. Farah

Provincial Librarian

Garissa, Kenya

Secret Code: camel

They will give you a control number. Then email Mr. Farah at to notify him of the donation amount, the control number and your name. If you have something in particular that you’d like the money to be used for, be sure and let him know. For instance, he will be purchasing three she-camel for use in the new outpost library, and those camel cost approximately $350 apiece.  He also wants to raise money for a tent to provide shade.

Prices for a Western Union money transfer vary from state to state. From New York, for instance, Western Union charges $8.50 for any amount up to $100, and $10.50 for any amount from $100 to $500.

Email us with any questions.

How to donate books

What kinds of books to donate

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