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What kinds of Books

The librarians in the Northeast Province who travel with the camel bookmobile told me children’s storybooks are most popular, general fiction for kids and adults is also high on the list, and much interest is shown in nonfiction books covering topics ranging from astronomy to geography to history. We also like to send books by African authors. Gently used books are welcome.

The librarians also said patrons especially love it when a book is inscribed with a note from the sender. It helps them feel connected to places only barely imagined.

Those planning to take school exams to further their studies focus on English since this is the language of government and education. Take a look at the Amazon wish list for ideas, or select some of your own favorite books.

Swahili is the national language. You can order books in Swahili from here or here.

Last year all of the books carried by the camel library were in either English or Swahili. To see small children practicing their English in their “classroom” under an acacia, take a look at the video. Somali is spoken by many of the library’s patrons. To see a great exploration of language in Kenya, visit this blog.

BOOKS NOT TO DONATE: We want to get the camel library the kinds of books they most need. Based on my time spent with the camel library as well as consultations with the camel librarian, Mr. Farah, books you might consider donating elsewhere include: textbooks, books about American, European or religious holidays, books with lots of slang, or racy adult books.

If you opt to donate by any of these methods, please send us an email and let us know so we can thank you.

How to donate books

How to donate money

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